Skills and Development

Skilled engineering professionals Namibia Rail Construction has intensive skills development programmes from entry-level to semi-skilled, to engineering professionals. We employ young energetic graduates from our development programs and we make it a priority to employ local community members living in the vicinity of projects in order to transfer skills and to uplift community. We are a responsible corporate citizen with ongoing social investment programs and we subscribe to the core values of respect, safety and integrity, which translates in fair labour practices and the upliftment of people and communities. Our focus is to engage manual labour in order to create jobs and to supplement the efforts of GRN to achieve vision 2030.

The Company accepted 8 civil engineering students as job attachments to assist Universities with the practical training of students and valuable railway technical experience was gained by them. Further practical assistance for students from the UNAM campus of civil engineering in Ongwendiva will be arranged.    

Various training was done by industrial experts in the following fields:

Namibia Railway Construction

Bursaries to following: Esther Uusiku (National dipl Civil engineering, Btech Civil Engineering), Wilbard Nashima(National Diploms Civil Engineering), Jasmine Nguris (Higher diploma in accounting and auditing), Tekla Katjire (certificate in taxation and management) Festus Stephanus (busy with a Safety Management Diploma).

Namibia Rail Construction has sponsored and developed two unique SME companies in the rail maintenance field and that is for track welding and Safety. Mr Morris Ndjaba ( owns Moka Engineering and does all on-track welding during our construction activities. Mr Martinus Mengela( owns Mengela Safety and manage all safety related activities in the Company. We will continue with the support of these two companies and will consider the expansion of our SME network in the future if required.