Railway Track Namibia Namibia is a country of extremes, ranging from the harsh corrosive climate and desert sand storms on our West Coast, to the extremely dry and hot interior. Such an environment poses specific challenges to railway infrastructure. Desert sand dunes cover rail tracks and shorten the lifespan of track materials, whilst it is expensive and extremely difficult to keep railway lines operational during sand storms. Corrosion seriously deteriorates sleepers and rails and extremely high inland temperatures require intensive very careful monitoring of railway track and timeous interventions to prevent track buckling

With over half of the national network consisting of lightweight railway tracks, most of which have reached the end of their economic lifespan, it becomes challenging to keep the system in a safe operational condition.

Railway Construction Namibia To counter these challenges Namibia Rail Construction has specialised knowledge of the unique Namibian circumstances, a key staff compliment with over 200 years experience in local railway management and locally developed technical solutions to deal effectively with the unique local challenges.

We are proud of our well-developed network in the railway industry which enables us to stay abreast of new technologies and facilitates ongoing improvement of methodologies and practices. Safety first is the primary philosophy in all our activities and to that end we keep a well-maintained fleet of equipment subject to an ongoing replacement program.